zero-dark-thirty poster
zero-dark-thirty-2012-img03   The trailer makes it seem like the movie is all about the exploits of Seal Team 6.  Instead 80% of the movie is the search for Bin Laden, and it is slow going.  I would suggest brushing up on your Al Qaeda MVP’s because I was pretty lost as they gloss over names and places of the middle east like they are common knowledge.  Things pick up a bit about 45 minutes in as the lead analyst, Maya, gets closer.  Then instead of interrogations we watch red tape bureaucracy with what appear to be popular high level officials, but I can’t figure out who they are supposed to be.  

ZeroDarkThirty ST6   Once we meet Seal Team 6 at an hour and 30 minutes we see the movie you were expecting.  The operation scene is very good.  I would suggest watching that is you have a copy lying around.  It was what kept this from a 2 Star Rating.  I really wished they would have gone more into who these men were.  Seeing Jack Ryan in the office is neat, but every Tom Clancy fan know we want to see him in the field.  Maya’s story in interesting, but a real opportunity was missed by not giving more credit to these brave men.
   The content is pretty violent and suspects are tortured for information.  There are also military operations what involve targets being killed at point blank range.  The language is foul with plenty of F-Bombs.  There is no sexual content, but a man does have his pants removed as he is interrogated to shame him.