Twice a month I record a Podcast for This Week in Mormons called the Third Hour of Power. It is a brief 15-20-minute show where we discuss the upcoming lessons from the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church. I am always looking for new co-hosts to join me for an episode or two. People who make good hosts have a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are able to communicate at an 8th-grade level.  You don’t need to be a “scriptorian”. We like guests who have an online presence with fans who would enjoy seeing you talk about the Gospel. Your online presence does not need to be religious. As Mormons, one of our favorite things is Mormons, who are not famous for being Mormon, talk about Mormon things. We also love guests who have opinions outside the cultural norm who want to have a forum to talk about positively about their faith.

The Podcast format is pretty relaxed, but we try to keep a pattern. I do the intro, then welcome you, the co-host, and ask you to introduce yourself. We then take turns sharing a few thoughts or quotes from the lesson Once we cover the lesson, I’ll give you an opportunity to share something like a recent blog post from your site, your new single, upcoming film, anything you would love the audience to check out once they are done listening. Then I give the sign off.
Here’s the technical side which can get a little crazy. What you will need:
· A Google+ account
· File Hosting Account (like free Google Drive)
· A Webcam (recommended)
· A Mic
· Headphones
· Recording Software- anything but the windows default software should be fine.
If you need recommendations let me know. We record the podcast remotely. You will record your audio on your PC from your location, I record my audio on mine. Once we are done, you will upload your audio to a place like Google Drive. I download it and mix it with my audio and scrub out pauses, “ums,” & irrelevant audio. To chat we use Google+ Hangout. That way we can see each other as we chat. The other benefit is our chat gets posted live to YouTube and gets hosted there. This Week in Mormons actually reposts the polished audio only portion on YouTube, but this Raw video helps gain attention and serves as a backup audio source when things go wrong with the recorded audio. (and it has)
I know it is a lot, but if you are techie at all it is pretty easy and a lot of fun! If you want to join me let me know!