The Situation: 
  So I have gotten a little bit of backlash from a meme photo we re-posted on our website.  The source image is an old timey 19th century era photo of two women. The comment says above “Yo Momma so Mormon…” And below is said “She Thinks Joining the Tea Party is Against the Word of Wisdom.”

   Now I am a firm believer in the John Bytheway principle that you can make fun of the culture, but not that doctrine. Even though the photo has gotten 42 “Likes” on the original post and another 40 on the re-post. It also had 23 “Shares” and several positive comments, but there was a vocal minority of reader who took offense to the photo. I thought it would be good for us to discuss this issue openly.

Why I Find This Funny:

   When I was in middle school “Yo Momma Jokes” were at their height of popularity. The sophomoric jests all begin with the phrase; Yo Momma so fat, stupid, poor, etc.  We would riff back and forth, but we never meant disrespect the other kids mom. Heck we had usually never even met them. It was more about who was the most creative, or who stayed up past Saturday Night Live to watch Showtime at the Apollo on Saturday nights. So the Yo Momma really brought me back to those times.    When I first heard the word Tea Party my first thought was the Word of Wisdom. It’s just part of the connotation that word carries for me.  That is the source of the comedic punchline.  The idea of the Mormon who is so zealous in their observance they lose sight of the spirit of the law.  

What People are Saying:   
   Some people have gotten really offended by this.  Once person even made a formal Facebook complaint and has urged others to do that same.  I am choosing to withhold names, but all these comments are publicly visible on our Facebook Page.

“This sort of “stuff” offends me. Some will say it is tongue in cheek..I is sending a mixed message..LDS women do not wear these old hair dos or dress styles, we are not frumpy and uninformed..
I find your innuendo out of touch, invasive and insulting.”
“It’s offensive, mean and hurtful to those of us who are LDS (and TEA party activists too!) and completely go against what the TEA party values :(

Why I Think People Are Overreacting:

   I know that the Tea Party get it’s name from the Boston Tea Party, and not the social gatherings created from the imaginations of little girls.  Drinking tea is not one of the tenants of the organization and if anything this, should be boycotted by the organization as symbolism.  
   I was curious if the author of the first comment would be as offended if the photo was of just a bunch of modern day women.  I am pretty sure no one thinks people still dress up like the Gibson Girl.  I know I would be just fine if someone made a meme that referred to Mormon men and used an image of a Pioneer.  It is part of my heritage and I embrace it. 
And is there anything wrong with being “So Mormon?”  My children’s Momma is so Mormon, she make sure they always wear their Sunday best to church and the gospel is taught in the home.  That is why I married her.
   I also really don’t understand why this would go against Tea Party values.  I really like the Tea Party.  I don’t agree with everything, but I am a strong conservative and find common ground in many aspects of the movement.  The common Mormon person doesn’t really think the Tea Party violates the Word of Wisdom.  
What do you think?     
   Let us know your thoughts.  Should I take the photo down?  Is it offensive to Tea Partiers, Women, and Mormons.  Let us know in the Facebook Comment section and keep the conversation going.