Have you ever wondered, what would be my perfect church calling? Did you know the answer? If you didn’t this quiz can help you find out.

As we prepare to move next week I was messaging with our new Bishop and he asked about our previous callings. This was a reflective moment for me. After 14 years of post-mission life I have had a myriad of callings. Should I attempt to list them all off or pick the highlights? Then I thought about the callings I was the best fit for and talked about those. If you want to know your perfect church calling, take the quiz below.

Some callings are made out of logic. ‘We need an organist, and you are the only person who plays the organ.’ (The Uninspired Calling) Most callings are given by inspiration. Even if you find the perfect church calling for you, it might not be the perfect church calling for The Lord. Always serve where you are asked and both you and those you serve will be blessed.
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