I thought it would be fun to have my wife Kristie write our review for Twilight: Breaking Dawn- Part 2 (now available at Amazon) since she will be seeing it much sooner with all her girlfriends than I will with all my buddies.


Twilight Themed Snacks
 “Let me start with saying I love the Twilight book series.  I swoon for books with a love story. My girlfriends and I were excited to hear there would be a movie for Twilight. We arranged a pre-party complete with décor and yummy themed treats. T-shirts were made. It was a blast despite the low budget and cheesiness. I love a good girl’s nights. By the third movie we decided to skip the party, but we were still going to the midnight showings. This year my dear girlfriend suggested we see it Friday while our kids were at school. It worked out perfectly. I was glad I was able to see the movie with four other ladies that I love while my kids were in school. And Mr. Media Reviews was nice to watch the baby and pick up our preschooler.” (I’m a good husband like that.)

   The Mormon Movie Guy did a post dedicated to Twilight Parties that is a good read.

Me and my little Sister at our
New Moon Party

   “Breaking Dawn part 2 begins when Bella Cullen becomes a vampire. After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi (the vampire governing body).”

   “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did a pretty good job. Way better than the first Twilight film. Taylor Lautner was great too. I think he only took off his shirt once, which was fine with me. I think this might be my favorite movie in the saga, with Eclipse as a second. Breaking Dawn- Part 1 was kind of choppy. I suppose they had a lot to cover. The second part flowed much better. There were some changes from the book, but I know they try to make everything fit. It was interesting to see the vampires portrayed on screen. As you read the book you have vision on how they will look. The actor who played Garrett, Lee Pace, was probably my favorite. I really liked his character in the book and Pace did a great job.”   

   “I think overall I would give it four stars. It was better than I expected. It was a nice ending to a great book series. They added a little twist to the end which I really liked. It was pretty clever. And at the end they did a little review of the characters from all the books. It was fun to remember the story and the experiences I have had watching it…”


   “As for the content I would be careful about taking teenagers. I am kind of conservative like that. For those of you who might not have read the book or seen the first part of Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward, both immortal now, enjoy a blissful marriage relationship. It is tastefully done. But I think I could have been a shorter scene. Although I think it good for girls to know sex is wonderful and an important part of marriage, I would still like to limit the exposure to it. But I think seeing them kiss and lay down on the bed and fading away would still give you the idea that they were going to be intimate. There is nothing to worry about the language.  In order to protect Edward and Bella’s child, there is some fighting that occurs, but it very mild.  Personally I don’t think my Elders Quorum President (why that makes sense) would want to see this movie, but I know his wife will, and she might just drag him along ;)”  

   “Overall the quality of the movie was great. If you have teenagers (who haven’t already seen the midnight showing) I would watch it first and then make your decision. Husbands might like it too! In fact I think Mr. Media Reviews will enjoy it.”

   “Also as a side note the Mormon Movie Guy gave his professional diagnosis for each of the main characters.  He explains each of their mental disorders. It’s a pretty fun read. “

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