For those of you outside the Orange County area; Troubadours is the elite choir at Fountain Valley High School.  Those who pass the audition process are “kidnapped” in the night by members and paraded around school the next day.
I am sorry you tried out for Troubadours and didn’t make it. I want to tell you, I know how it feels. I know how it feels to go to bed in your clothes or cool pajamas with your shoes by your bed just knowing they were coming for you. Waking up several times in the night thinking you’ve heard something. Then to finally be awoken by the rising sun as your hopes sink into despair.
I remember going to school the next to see my classmates in slippers and silly clothes with signs prompting others to ask them to sing. I can still remember the embarrassment when I saw the posted roster revealing there was a vacancy in my section. It wasn’t that I was out sung by better singers, but I just wasn’t plain good enough.
During my Junior and Senior years my hopes were rekindled as auditions were held at the start of the new year to fill the spot vacant all summer. Both times I was runner up.
I was so ashamed I didn’t even want to go to school and feigned illnesses. After a few days of moping around my room my Mom came in, “I’m sorry you didn’t make troubadours.” I will answer questions in my sleep and, knowing I would say when awake, she asked me in the middle of the night.
I broke down and cried. I had put myself out there and I wasn’t good enough.  I felt rejected, untalented, and unimportant.  Is this how you are feeling?
I am glad to tell you it gets better.
My Dad gave me a blessing once that told me if I would sing for The Lord I would be blessed to sing in grand choruses. I didn’t listen at first. But then I sobered up and joined the YSA Ward choir, MTC choir, and tried to participate in every ward or stake choir after that.OCMCO Concert
A few months ago my Dad’s prophecy was fulfilled as I sang with the recently renamed Orange County Millennial Grand Chorus!  A 200 voice strong Adult Choir with a Full Orchestra that sings in one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world.  I can even say that I am a billboard recording artist.  My joy is multiplied though because the organization also has youth choirs so I share the stage with my two oldest sons.
Last night I went to the Fountain Valley High School Vocal Music concert.  I remember sitting up in my seats and thinking,”I cried over this!?”  So if you love singing, keep singing!  If you were trying to pad your college application, take Latin.  I know you are hurting now, but after graduating 15 years ago I can tell you with a surety, It Gets Better.

If you are in the Orange County, Phoenix, Utah, Idaho, or Dallas areas feel free to check out the Millennial Choirs and Orchestras.  You will be glad you did.