What is the difference between a shepherd and a hireling? Find out what it means to Feed the Lord’s Sheep that have gone astray. Lesson 20 teaches us about our mission to reach out to our brothers and sisters who have separated themselves from the Church. We are also taught 5 principles to help us in this effort.
The principles to activate souls do not change. They are:
1. The lost or less active must be found and contacted.
2. Loving concern must be demonstrated. They must feel of our love.
3. They must be taught the gospel. They must feel the power of the Holy Ghost through the teachers.
4. They must be included in our fellowship.
5. They must have meaningful Church responsibilities.
I am reminded of a video I used in an Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood lesson I taught. It shows a quorum of young men who went on rescue visits every week. In one segment they show up, then invite the young man to join them in their efforts. They are great examples.

It is October and Kristie has been sewing away! Every year we do family theme’s costumes and this year is Return of the Jedi. I married a good woman. The costumes are always super secret, but she has shared our Luke Skywalker and Han Solo tutorials. If you watched the live feed, you may have heard me reveal one of the others. We decided I would edit it out though, so you will have to stay turned to her blog, OurKerrazyAdventure.com.
With my Unsabbatical over, I have decided to focus on a new habit or theme every 30 Days. I am following Elder Durrant’s invitation to Ponderize a scripture every week. Though there was some controversy around the idea, I felt the spirit prompt me to do it, so I will follow.

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Opening Hymn: The Lord Is My Shepherd
Closing Hymn: Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd