Have you ever had a leader at church that you really respected and looked up to? It isn’t easy to convince a group of volunteers to do set up chairs on Sunday at 7am or make a 3 course meal for someone you have never met. A good leader will help you feel the Spirit that comes with doing the work of the Lord. Lesson 19 helps us know what it take to love and lead those we have stewardship over. It even has a list of six things we can do to be the types of leaders that people respond to. (It is more that just sending a text asking for last month’s home teaching numbers).
A video from the lesson is called Dayton’s Legs, and it focuses on a young Deacons Quorum President who loved the young men he had stewardship over. This included a young man with cerebral palsy that he invited to join him in a triathlon.

It is October and Kristie has been sewing away! Every year we do family theme’s costumes and this year is Return of the Jedi. I married a good woman. The costumes are always super secret, but she has shared our Luke Skywalker and Han Solo tutorials. Some of the best ones are coming, so stay turned to her blog, OurKerrazyAdventure.com. With my Unsabbatical over, I have decided to focus on a new habit or theme every 30 Days. I am following Elder Durrant’s invitation to Ponderize a scripture every week. Though there was some controversy around the idea, I felt the spirit prompt me to do it, so I will follow.

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Opening Hymn: Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice
Closing Hymn: I Will Follow God’s Plan For Me