Third Hour of Power is on Chapter 21: Principles of Temporal and Spiritual Welfare from the Ezra Taft Benson Manual.

Have you even been blessed by the Church welfare program? Have you even given to the Bishop for a family in need? Our family had been blessed on multiple occasions but the charity of others. It can take humility to accept, but even more to ask.
Tommy Olsen joins us this week from Mormons at the Megaplex. They review Hollywood movies from a Mormon perspective. Currently, they are reviewing each of the Star Wars films in Countdown to The Force Awakens. Grady is spending his next 30 Days talking about Giving Thanks and is even hosting the Latter-day Linkup, a linky party for other Mormon bloggers to share thankful content.
In this episode, we discuss the Church Welfare program. We talk about how temporal and spiritual welfare are intertwined. Why do you think we are asked to be prepared?


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Opening Hymn: Have I Done Any Good?
Closing Hymn: Consider the Lillies