When it comes it kids entertainment, I think it is essential for families that the entertainment appeals to parents as well.  I think it is the same with romantic movies.  Usually the husband is giving up something they want, (to be entertained) for something their spouse wants, (to be entertained.)  Thus the genius of the Romantic Comedy.  Romance for the Ladies and Comedy for the Guys.  I haven’t figured out what to call entertainment that caters to kids and adults equally yet, but when I do I’m going to trademark it and every time you say it Mormon Media Reviews will get paid 15 cents!  For now, I will just call it Goon Holler.

The Goon Holler Guidebook is our introduction to a world created by Parker Jacobs.  Parker has been in the entertainment industry for years and in all aspects.  He was a member of band The Aquabats and is currently with GoGo 13.  He has worked with Yo Gabba Gabba (where I first saw the Goon Holler gang) and with The Aquabats Supershow. (Both available now on Netflix)

Our tour guide of Goon Holler is Tooba, a Sasquatch who stumbles upon this magical land and helps us get to know the inhabitants.  The Guidebook is not so much of a narrative, but a collection of short stories, comics, ukulele lessons, maps, diagrams, games, recipes, and more!  It is clever, funny, and imaginative.  It is one of the kids’ books I enjoy reading to them.

My boys love the book too.  My middle son who is pictured above saw me writing this review and exclaimed, “Goon Holler?  That’s my favorite book!”  He grabbed the book, sat down, and has been entertaining himself with the pages ever since.  The Goons aren’t the only inhabitants of Goon Holler either.  Several other original characters are part of the world.  But what is really endearing is that Parker also included characters based on his two daughters.


As a kids book, nothing in here is objectionable and the book is appropriate for all ages.  I will say though just a tab bit more on author, Parker Jacobs.  Parker is not only a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but he is also a member of my stake.  He is kind and faithful and is always good for a laugh.  You can learn more about him from his upcoming interview he did with The Cultural Hall Podcast.
   He also recently did a book signing in my area so I took my two older boys.  I always try to support fellow Mormons.  They had so much fun!  Parker took time to talk to the boys, and wrote a custom message in the front of the book for them with a little doodle.  They were so excited my middle boy ran over to the curb so he could look at it.  Parker’s Facebook Page has a new doodle every day.  We featured one he drew when we saw The Hobbit together in our review of it.  Although his Sunday doodles are usually my favorite.

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