Celebrity Doppelganger GameAlpaca
   When my friend Spencer and I used to sit together at OCMCO, (Orange County Mormon Choral Organizations) we used to play a game when the Director was working with other sections.  We are Tenors so we don’t need much individual work. Ha!  We would look around the choir and look for people who resembled celebrities.  We found a Richard Dreyfus, a Reece Witherspoon, and just after he moved to Utah I found a Gemma Arterton.  (He’s single all you Utah ladies)

doppelganger NPH   So I wanted to invite you to come play Celebrity Doppelganger with me!  I want to see your best “man on the street” pictures of people who look like Celebrities!  I want actual pictures of people you see and who the celebrity is the look like.  (Not from the web) Send your submissions to Grady@MormonMediaReviews.  If you are savvy enough to pair the photo with the celeb they resemble it was be neat.  I will then post them to our Facebook Album.
   If your picture gets the most points you can request a review of any movie you like! (or even submit a review of your own if you like, its all in good fun)

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   At Sam’s Club the other day I spotted Jean Valjean!  The flash went off as I snapped this quick photo, so I couldn’t get a better one, but the profile still matched up pretty well.  Send me your photos and let’s have some fun!