I Asked Mimi Knowles for Clean Music For My Family and it Didn’t Go Well

Mimi Knowles is working on a new album. I asked him if he could do clean music since a recent single talked about a "strip club without the boobies" Mimi Knowles recently posted on Instagram and he has a

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Howard W. Hunter- Chapter 17: Preserve and Protect the Family

In today's worlds, what are you doing to Preserve and Protect the Family? Chapter 17 of the Howard W. Hunter manual will help you protect your own family as well as the fundamental unit in society. Last lesson was focused

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Guest Post: 2015 Kerr Family Halloween Theme & Super Easy Luke Skywalker Costume

I promised my wife three things to get her to marry me. I'd take her on the mission I talked her out of, we would take dance lessons, and we would have to match Halloween costumes every year. In

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Guest Post: Talk Like a Pirate Day, Hat Tutorial, & Free Donuts!

If I have one food weakness, it is donuts. Regrettably I actually have many food weaknesses. Even though I have lost 45 pounds since April, I am declaring this Saturday a #CheatDay. It's "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and

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