It is hard to get kids ready for school every morning. This Breakfast Hack will allow you to hit that snooze button one more time.

With the kids are all starting to go back to school, we have been getting back into our morning routine. I came up with this Breakfast Hack so we could sleep in a little longer in the mornings. To test it out, it involved a trip to Walmart!
My kids are well trained to know that when Dad is going somewhere, you want to go with him. (Like when he goes out to play Pokemon GO) This is especially true at the grocery store. My Gavin asked the second we got into the car, “Can we get FUN cereal!?”
Sleep in with this Breakfast Hack Getting Fun Cereal Malt-O-Meal Cinnamon Toasters
I love cereal, so of course, I take him to the Malt-O-Meal® cereal section. I told him to pick any cereal liked, then I remembered that I had a coupon for a dollar off when you buy two! He was so excited to pick up two huge bags of cereal. It took a while because Malt-O-Meal® cereal offers 34 delicious flavors.
Sleep in with this Breakfast Hack Getting Fun Cereal Malt-O-Meal Cinnamon Toasters Jumping for Joy
After we get home he asked me, “can I have breakfast?” It was 8:30pm, so I responded that “we already had it.” To which he cleverly responded, “what about second breakfast?” (His older brother read Lord of the Rings and told him all about it.) I poured him a quick bowl and started prepping for tomorrow.

The Breakfast Hack

Cereal is a quick and easy breakfast (day or night), but with young kids, you still have to be awake! So to combat that, I hacked breakfast by prepping their cereal that night before. We have nesting snack cups that we can use to measure and hold our cereal and milk. They are perfect for controlling portion sizes and allow the Malt-O-Meal® cereal to not get soggy.
Sleep in with this Breakfast Hack Getting Fun Cereal Malt-O-Meal Stacker Cups
When the kids get up in the morning, they are pretty well trained now to get dressed, brushed that teeth, and brush their hair. That is because they know that if they have any extra time, they get to play Fruit Ninja on the Xbox Kinect.
My son Greyson is diabetic, so it is essential we measure his portions right. He was repeatedly thanking his brother Gavin for picking such a yummy cereal.
Sleep in with this Breakfast Hack Getting Fun Cereal Malt-O-Meal Cereal from Fridge
Having the cereal in these cups also makes it easy for them to add the cereal to the milk. The kids simply pull off the top and pour the cereal in.
Sleep in with this Breakfast Hack Pouring Malt-O-Meal
This Breakfast Hack is so easy for the kids! They love the independence of “making” their own breakfast. It doesn’t hurt that Malt-O-Meal® cereal has so many flavors to choose from. Their bags are great for large families. They are over 2 lbs. of grainy goodness, that will allow you to have several options in the morning, without going over the grocery budget.Sleep in with this Breakfast Hack Cereal Snack Malt-O-Meal
We are saving a lot of time in to morning, but the kids are not late too often anyways. Like I said before if they get ready early, then they can use the remaining time to play Fruit Ninja! How do you motivate your kids to get ready in the morning?

Don’t forget to grab that $1.00 Coupon before you head to the store!

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