I want to know how you feel about Mormons being encouraged to #ShareGoodness online.
In August of 2014, David A. Bednar, a modern Apostle, asked us to #ShareGoodness.

Share the gospel with genuine love and concern for others. Be courageous and bold but not overbearing in sustaining and defending our beliefs, and avoid contention. As disciples our purpose should be to use social media channels as a means of projecting the light and truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ into a world that increasingly is dark and confused.

To help I am working on workshop that I can share for firesides, Relief Society nights, and other programs where we can discuss some of the best ways to #ShareGoodness. I want to address some of the concerns and also alleviate some of the myths when it comes to talking about faith on the internet.
I need to know what you need first, though. Will you click below and take the survey that applies most to you?
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Thank you so much. I really apprieciate it.
If you could share this survey so I can get more responses that would be terrific!
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