Millennial Choirs and Orchestras is presenting their spring concert and if you love feeling moved, you will want see Amazing Grace: Songs of Atonement & Freedom.

When was the last time you felt so overwhelmed and overcome with emotion that the only way to express your joy is through tears? How would you like to feel it again? If you are in California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, or Idaho; buy your tickets to see Amazing Grace this April and May.
Music is a powerful medium. Whenever I hear Willie Nelson’s Honeysuckle Rose I am instantly sitting next to my Dad in the RV driving out to Lake Havasu, when I listen to Blink-182 I remember all the antics I got up to with my buddies before my mission, and when I listen to Dashboard Confessional I am taken back to my wedding reception having my first dance with Kristie as husband and wife. Music has the power to transport us to another place.
When I hear the music of God and the music of the masters I am taken somewhere else completely. I am taken to a higher plane of existence. I am taken somewhere exalted where I feel close to God. That is what you will experience when you come see Amazing Grace.
You Must See Amazing Grace- Presented by the Millennial Choirs and Orchestras- American Flag Behind Orange County Choir
Amazing Grace is choral and orchestrated concert that focuses on songs of Atonement and Freedom. Dean & Founding Musical Director, Brandon Stewart, recently said,

Never before in the history of America or the world has a message been more applicable and desperately needed as what you will encounter [when you see Amazing Grace]. It will be magnificent. It will be powerful. It will wake up your souls and emotions. It will inspire each of us to rise up and do something more with our lives. It will not just “entertain” you, but it will lift you to heaven.

I have been singing with the Millenial Choirs and Orchestras since their first year. (8 years!) I have loved it and have loved the reactions from those who have been to the concerts. It is such an honor to share this gift with you when you attend. I remember after our last concert, just shedding tears as I sang. One of the most powerful moments of the concerts was recorded and I was able to share it with some co-workers. I watched them as they watched the video and started to wipe away their own tears.

While the video is moving, it is nothing compared to attending in person. Columnist Greg Trimble said, “as the choir opened their mouths to sing, it seemed to shake the building, but in a peaceful way. I can only describe what I saw and heard as a heavenly choir.”
When you come to see Amazing Grace there are like 5 of these earth shattering and heaven revealing moments. We are blessed to be joined by “America’s Violinist,” Jenny Oaks Baker. (Daughter of Dallin H. Oaks). You can get a sneak preview of some of the songs from a Spotify Playlist I created from our past recordings.
If you want to feel something to shake your soul and inspire you to rise up to become something more, get your tickets today so you can see Amazing Grace.
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