What Should We Post About Next?

We have so many ideas for future posts we just don’t know where to start. Think about what you need help with and what type of post would help you find more joy in your journey.

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  1. 1. 5 Ways to Share the Gospel Online

    Most of our conversations now happen online. How do we share the gospel in this new frontier?

  2. 2. Church- a Hospital for Sinners

    A dive into the characters in this analogy

  3. 3. Collecting Fast Offerings

    How to make the experience more meaningful for all

  4. 4. Young Fathers Should Act as Patriarchs

    We need young patriarchs. With the conditional of the world, we cannot rely on primary and youth programs alone to teach our children the Gospel

  5. 5. My Podcast Set Up

    Every wonder what equipment and tools I use to podcast? I’ll share my process

  6. 6. Make it Easier to Go to the Temple

    Every time I get ready to go to the Temple, all Hell breaks loose. How I now prevent it

  7. 7. When My Kids Say “That’s Not Fair” & How They’re Right

    Life isn’t fair, but the Atonement makes that okay

  8. 8. Does the Mormon Church Have a Stance on Hunting?

    Are there instances where hunting is permissible and other times where it is not?

  9. 9. Ministering the Way Christ Did

    Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.

  10. 10. How Friendly is Your Ward- Quiz

    How would a visitor feel when they come to your congregation? Find Out!