Exciting times this weekend! With the passings of Elder Scott, Elder Packer, and Elder Perry there are three vacancies to be filled in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. LDS.org has a great article on how new Apostles are called. (hint: it isn’t via online poll) Still, we thought it would be fun to get your speculation on who the Lord will select.
Now, this subject has been floating around for the past four months and some have some very passionate opinions on the idea of hypothesising on who the new Apostles will be. I find no error is making guesses as to who will be called. In fact, I think it could be helpful to spend the time to get to know these possible brethren in case one is called. LDS.net has a great post with bios on many of these men.

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Poll Who Will Be Our Next 3 Apostles