Use Pokémon GO to create memorable experiences with your kids

Like any new technology, there are risks and benefits. Pokémon GO is no different. Some people are using Pokémon GO while driving, while leaving kids home alone, and while walking into traffic. There have also been great benefits.

In October of 2009 Elder Ballard spoke to the men of the Priesthood on Fathers and Sons: A Remarkable Relationship. It was such a monumental talk for me. I had a great relationship with my dad, but I wanted it to be better. Elder Ballard counselled sons to “take an interest in your father’s life.” (among other things) I decided to do this with my dad. My dad loves cars. So I started going to meet up with him and his truck buddies at 4am on Saturday once in a while.
Free Phone Service Lets You Pokémon GO Play With Your Kids- Grady and Glenn
When I applied everything else Elder Ballard suggested, it did wonders for our relationship. My dad whent from being my father (which is awesome) to my friend and peer. This month I  started being more proactive with Elder Ballard’s advice for fathers:

Find your own best way to connect. Some fathers like to take their sons fishing or to a sporting event. Others like to go on a quiet drive or work side by side in the yard. Some find their sons enjoy conversations at night just before going to bed. Do whatever works best for you.
-M. Russell Balard

Free Phone Service Lets You Pokémon GO Play With Your Kids Cosplay
My boys love Pokémon. My oldest knows all the Pokémon and can tell you every fact from the cards he has. I am not a huge fan on Pokémon, but he is. Pokémon GO was the perfect way for us to spend time together.
One problem we had was that my boys don’t have phone service. Why should they, they’re all under twelve. I could have let them use my phone, I didn’t want them playing on my account wasting all my Pokéballs catching Rattatas. Then I found out about Freedom Pop.
Freedom Pop Free Phone Service Lets You Pokémon GO Play With Your Kids

Freedom Pop has free plans that include 200 minutes, 500 texts, & 200MB of data every month! All you have to do is purchase a SIM card and unlock your phone. Right now they are only $1.99 and include a free selfie stick! We had an old iPhone so we put it to use. You can also bring over your own device or choose one of the many they offer.

Not only do we use the service for Pokémon GO, but we use it as the home phone for when we have a babysitter or put it in their pocket so we can track them if they go to the park or in a crowded area. This tech buy is one of the smartest I’ve ever made.

I promised the boys last Friday that if they cleaned up real fast, I would take them to next morning to hunt Pokémon. They went so fast! So we woke up at dawn and set off to hike A Mountain in Tempe Arizona. It is a Charmander nest and we caught a bunch while we were there. We also saw a great view, got some exercise, and spend some great father/son time together. On the way home the boys just kept sharing about the fun they had. They also shared how things were going in school, plans for the rest of the day, etc. It was conversations I would not have had if I had chosen to sleep in.

Free Phone Service Lets You Pokémon GO Play With Your Kids Boys

Now What?

Your kids might not like Pokémon GO, what do they like? Find out and get involved! Do something this week to connect with your sons.

Let Me Know!

What are your kids into and how have you gotten involved?
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