As the year culminates there are a lot of countdowns going on. We wanted to countdown for you our most Popular Posts of the last year.

1. Latter-Day Linkup: Thanksgiving

There are a lot of Mormon blogs and content creators out there. We wanted to make a space for them collaborate and share their feelings on a certain theme. We asked for posts on Thanksgiving and we got a great turn out. for our first Linkup and had 9 posts shared and hundreds of visits to our site. What was even better, was that we had hundreds of link clicks to our participants sites as well. Our December Latter-day Linkup was not as successful. If you think this is something we should keep doing in the new year, let me know!

2. What Kind of Mormon are You?- Quiz

What Kind of Mormon are You?
Another first this year was our first personality quiz! It was a fun questionnaire that let our readers know the kind of Mormon they were. This quiz was posted this week, and is already on it’s way to becoming one of our most popular posts ever! It is fun seeing some the data and I look forward to sharing the results in the coming weeks.

3. Why I Wont Be Buying Disney Infinity: Star Wars

Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Xbox One
I am a huge fan of Star Wars. You can see evidence of that the myriad of post I have with the Star Wars tag. When Disney Infinity was announced I was so excited. Then I remembered the Disney Infinity pricing model. Every so often the characters of on sale, or new figures get released for Star Wars Rebels or The Force Awakens. I start to think, maybe I will try it out. Then I remember this post and decide against it.

4. I’m Taking an Unsabbatical from Mormonism

Yes (mor)Man- I'm Taking an Unsabbatical from Mormonism
Every 30 Days I am trying to make incremental changes in my life. This was all kicked off by my Unsabbatical. Basically I committed to say Yes of every commitment or invitation made by my Church leaders. It was very rewarding and while the experiment only lasted 30 days, some of the impact still has an influence on how I respond to new invitations.

5. Third Hour of Power: Chapter 17- Keeping the Law of Chastity

Third Hour of Power Chapter 17- Keeping the Law of Chastity
You would think that talking with your little sister about the law of chastity would be awkward. You would be right! Summer is one of the recurring guests on our Podcast, The Third Hour of Power. Our most popular episode was Lesson 17: Keeping the Law Chastity. Twice a month we talk about the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church. We are moving on next year to the Howard W Hunter Manual.

So those were our most Popular Posts, but that might not always mean they were the best. What were your favorite posts of ours from 2015?