seventy.tissot   To help spread His Gospel Jesus sent missionaries out to share His words and to prepare the way for Him. These Seventy were instructed to go out heal the sick, and preach that the kingdom of God was coming. They were to be among the people and dwell with them. Most Importantly, they were to be representatives of Jesus Christ. Jesus knew He could not be everywhere for “the harvest truly [was] great.” (Luke 10:2) So the Seventy were given His authority and He testified to them, “he that heareth you heareth me.” (Luke 10:16)
There term Seventy has a dual meaning. The first is that of a missionary. Just is in Christ’s time, the “harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few.” He sends missionaries out two by two. They often dwell in the homes of members of the church. They go out and heal the sick and teach of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are His authorized representatives and are sent to prepare people to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts.   The other meaning is the actual office of Seventy in the Melchizedek Priesthood. The first two Quorums of the Seventy are given apostolic authority, but are not ordained Apostles. They travel over all the world. There six other Quorums of the Seventy who do not have such authority, and serve in a specific region.
To see this organization in our day it is a testament for the need of modern day revelation. As the Church grows we need to know how best to accomplish the mission that Christ intended when he first sent out His Seventy. They are no longer sent all over Israel, but all over the world. Jesus Christ leads his Church and knows how to best organize His disciples to serve Him.
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