The Savior knew that when he left, His little band would continue to need divine help. We see the lack of confidence they have as Peter denies knowing Christ as He stands condemned, the Apostles deny the resurrection until Jesus appears to them, and once He goes they abandon the work return to fishing. It wasn’t that they were wicked, they were just as the Savior addressed them, “children” in their conversion.
During the Last Supper Jesus tells the Apostles that He will send them “another Comforter.” The Comforter is the Holy Ghost. One of the roles of the Holy Ghost is to teach us and help us know what to say. We see the power of the Holy Ghost first evidenced during Peter’s preaching on the Day of Pentecost. Here he was among those who had crucified the Lord and he boldly declares their sin. They the hearers are pricked in their heart by the Holy Ghost, they want to know what to do. Peter tells them to repent, baptized, and receive the Holy Ghost.
Another role of the Holy Ghost is true to his other title, a Comforter. Later Peter and John were beaten for preaching the world of God. Then¬†they “departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.” (Acts 5:41) This change of heart comes from the Holy Ghost. The only way one would come away rejoicing from such a situation is if the Spirit was able to provide comfort in that time of sorrow.
I have had the Holy Ghost whisper to me many times what I should say or do. About a year ago we felt inspired to leave our home and come to Arizona. We knew it was what was right, but it was sudden and seemed impulsive. People would ask, do you have a job yet? Do you have family out there? Do you have a place to live. We cheerfully responded, “no, but we trust in the Lord.” It was a funny conversation with the moving company as I told him to send all our stuff to their storage facility in Phoenix even though none of these things were in place. He thought I was crazy!
But the Lord did come through. We have great friends out here and now a little bit of family. I have a great job and we rent a home twice the size of our old place and nearly half the rent. It wasn’t always easy, but we are comforted by the Holy Ghost and the knowledge that we are following God’s plan for us.

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