One of the first lessons I learned at BYU-Idaho was the principle of Disciple Leadership. A Disciple Leader is one who not only follows the Savior, but follows his leadership model as well. On the eve of Christ being betrayed to the pharisees He knew that he must teach them his most important lessons.  One of those lessons was taught as we washed the feet of his Apostles. There are not many tasks more lowly than that. Yet here Her is; the creator and Savior of the world, stooding down to wash the feet of His companions.
Many think that power is given by men with honors, titles, and accolades. True power resides with God and is given freely to those who are willing to use that power to bless the lives of others. We must follow the Savior and lead by example.

Frank Parker was my Stake President during my early years of marriage. Brother Parker was a wonderful Stake President who was always seeking the Lord’s guidance in his calling. When you spoke to him, he had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the world to him and they he was truly concerned for your happiness. I saw this confirmed during a period where I served on the ward council. As we discussed the needs of our members and concerning situations there was always a common theme. If any member had a need, the phrase was often repeated, ‘President Parker was there and…” Brother Parker was always one of the first boots on the ground.
It was such an example to me. Watching him made me want to do better in my duties. Part of the reason was that I felt like I never had an excuse not to serve, but more importantly I wanted to reduce the burden on Brother Parker. He knew his sheep and loved them. I wanted to help care for them so he could be at peace.
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