New Content Week- July

There are a lot of exciting things going on this summer at This Mormon Life. We have a whole bunch of new content to share with you and we thought we would jam it all into a single week! Every day we are going to give you a new post about some awesome things to talk about. We have some news, movie reviews, personal stories, and some tips to enhance your summer! Here is what we have on the schedule:

  • Sunday: With all the Excommunication hoopla going around we weigh in on the subject with a paper I wrote for school.
  • Monday: It’s time to party! I share my Mom’s recipe for Three Hour Block Party Ribs.
  • Tuesday: Edit (I moved to Arizona this day and my “To Be American” article posted after midnight)
  • Wednesday: Are you ready for your Independence Day Soundtrack? We will share with you the latest offering from the Millennial Choirs and Orchestras featuring Glenn Back (in the mean time check out their other offerings).
  • Thursday: Get in the mood for Independence Day with our review of a lost Revolutionary film gem. My favorite Revolutionary film is The Patriot, but this one is good for the whole family.
  • Friday: A lot of you know about our impending move to Arizona and the medical condition my daughter Ginger has. Let us bring you up to speed of how things are going.
  • Saturday: Can you believe some guy got ran over for saving a pew in church!? Stay safe on the Sabbath by reading our rules for protecting your pew!

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