Follow my blog with Bloglovin New Content Week copy    It has been a while since my last blog post.  Sometimes life gets busy and we start to forget.  Yesterday I posted an article I wrote about things I wish my Mission President told me at the end of my mission.  You should read what he did say instead.  That post has gotten some great responses and I’m getting excited again!    To keep the momentum going I will be releasing a new blog post every day!  I have some editorials, movie reviews, life reflections, and the official launch of a new project!     Here is what I need from you.  I have installed Disqus on my blog to moderate comments.  I find it makes a very interactive experience and helps to tell others about what we are doing here.  In order for me to post my next article, I know ask that I get a minimum of 5 comments in the Disqus chat.  You don’t have to post them all yourself, but rather invite your friends to participate and keep the conversation going!  They don’t need to be on this post, you also chat on some of our Movie Reviews, Controversial Topics, or Opinion Articles.    To see when our newest blog post goes out follow us on Bloglovin!    We are glad you stopped by and look forward to chatting with you below!