A few years ago I created a Nativity Pageant Script. I want to share it with you.

As a family, we wanted to add more Christ into our Christmas. We decided that Christmas Eve would be the time when Santa and presents were fully set aside and a dedicated time would be made for a Christmas Nativity Pageant. I hope you like it!

I remember when I wrote this script. It was on Christmas Eve on a Sunday. I was managing an AT&T store any my area director told me that is I didn’t work on Sunday, I wouldn’t have a job on Monday. It was an understood fact that the Sabbath was a sacred day and I did not work. In fear for my job, I went into work.

I remember how surprised my employees were that I showed up on a Sunday. They all told me to just go home and they would cover for me. The store was empty, they were more than capable, but I told them I had some things to do and I went to my office.

I shut the door and said a prayer that I could feel the spirit and be inspired to create a Nativity play that our family could do tonight to bring the spirit of Christ into the season.

There are a lot of Nativity Pageant Scripts out there. Some are simplified for kids, some are told from a point of view of one of the characters, and some create nice narratives that do not actually exist in the scriptures. I wanted the narrative to be as true as possible.

When I wrote the Nativity Pageant Script I went to the best source I knew. I went to the scriptures. The Nativity Pageant Script is pulled directly from Luke and Matthew with Christmas Carols from the LDS Hymn book added in.

I finished, printed it off, wished my employees a Merry Christmas, and walked out the door.

This Christmas Nativity Script has been a great source of joy and happiness for our family and I hope it can bless your family too.

Merry Christmas!