We created a #LightTheWorld Calendar for Google.

To help you participate in sharing goodness this Christmas, we collaborated with 20 other bloggers to create a #LightTheWorld Calendar. Each day will have ideas from LightTheWorld.org as well as ideas from a bunch of talented contributors.

Not Familiar with #LightTheWorld?

The theme #LightTheWorld continues from last year. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their friends are invited to prayerfully consider how they can follow the example of the Savior and share the Light of Jesus Christ with others during the Christmas season. The can find all sorts of ideas at LightTheWorld.org.

Elder David A. Bednar invited us to #LightTheWorld saying:

“This Christmas season I invite you to seek opportunities to ‘Light the World.’ Beginning [November 24] and continuing through Christmas Day.”

#LightTheWorld Everyday

25 Ways 25 Days to #LightTheWorld Calendar

Each day, mormon.org will feature a teaching of the Savior with a brief video showing an example of the teaching in practice, along with service ideas. You might be thinking, didn’t we do this last year? We did, and it was a huge success! We talked about the success on our Podcast earlier this year.

The #LightTheWorld videos received over 83 million views across 194 countries and in 33 languages. The initiative reached more than 269 million people on Twitter and nearly 97 million on Facebook. The Church’s “Light the World” posts received more than 2.1 million likes on Facebook according to the Mormon Newsroom.

While that number is impressive, it isn’t about the numbers, it is about the individuals. Those who are blessed by the service of others; those whose hearts are softened as they see you share using the hashtag #LightTheWorld; and those who not only learn more about the Savior, but rather learn about Him by doing what He did.

The #LightTheWorld Calendar Makes it Easy

To make it easier for you to #LightTheWorld, we created a Google Calendar that will have the prompts to serve for each day. Rather than look up the ways you can serve each day only, we will have them right on your calendar on your smart phone. We will have links to the Mormon.org content for that day. Not only that, but links to content from other Mormon content creators.

There will be printables, service ideas, inspiring stories, all focused on helping you do more to #LightTheWorld.

Adding the #LightTheWorld Calendar to Your Device

I created the calendar on Google Calendar to make it easy to add and sync. You can subscribe to the calendar on google, or you can add the calendar via ical.

Adding the #LightTheWorld Calendar via google subscription

Subscribe to the #LightTheWorld Calendar via Google

Click the button above and that will take you to Google Calendar. Then you will see a pop up asking if you would like to add calendar: #LightTheWorld. Click Yes and the #LightTheWorld Calendar will be added to your google calendar account under other calendars.

From there you would just need to make sure you are syncing your google calendar with your device. As google search can provide instructions if you aren’t sure how to do that, or let me know if you have trouble.

Adding the #LightTheWorld Calendar via iCal

If you use another calendaring tool, you can also add the #LightTheWorld Calendar with an iCal link. Simply copy this link:


From there you can add the calendar to Outlook.com (instructions) or iCloud (instructions) Calendar. Remember that if you are given the option, you want to subscribe to the calendar, not import. That way you can get all any updates on your device.

How will you #LightTheWorld?

I’d love to see how you are going to #LightTheWorld this Christmas. Comment below with any link to your pictures, stories, or even blog posts. If you are a content creator, find out how you can add your #LightTheWorld ideas to the Calendar.

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For more inspiration you can see how other people are engaging in #LightTheWorld below.