The Lego Batman Movie came out this week. This new movie is the spin-off to 2014’s The Lego Movie.

The Lego Batman Movie takes us to Gotham City to get to know the fan favorite from the previous film a little better. In The Lego Movie, Batman is the ultra-confident hero with an obsession with darkness. In this movie, we get to explore that darkness and it finds it’s root in Batman’s loneliness.

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Now, I have not been shy about my feelings on kids movies. I typically hate them. They go for cheap jokes and are typically very weak in the plot. My kids are on an Angry Birds thing right now and it is driving me crazy.

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The Lego Batman Movie Mormon Movie Review Legos
Luckily The Lego Batman Movie will not be one of those movies when it comes out on DVD. I brought my kids with me to the theater and we had a great time! The movie has a lot of the silliness of The Lego Movie as well as the clever jokes and cultural references. In particular, there are a lot of throwbacks to previous Batman movies in this film.
The Lego Batman Movie has a lot of great names behind the animation. Batman is voiced again by Will Arnett but is joined by Michael Cera as Robin, and Ralph Fiennes as Alfred. There are also additional voices by Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Conan O’Brien, and Billy Dee Williams (Who reprises his role as Harvey Dent from the Tim Burton Batman Films.) Plus a whole lot more!

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While there are some emotional plot points to the movie, our Lego Dark Knight’s story doesn’t have some the endearing beats that the original had. What brought the original brought The Lego Movie into more than just a goofy kids movie was Will Ferrell’s portrayal of Father who chides his son for some of the same things I get on my kids about. There are still some feelings moments, but it just isn’t the same.
The Lego Batman movie is rated PG for some off-color jokes. The kids won’t get it, but you will, and some might make you feel a little weird. Like Robin repeatedly ripping his pants off.
The Lego Batman Movie- Mormon Movie Review- Halloween Costume
We did Batman for Halloween a few years ago and my second son was Robin. He was really into dressing up at that phase of his life. This skimpy outfit was worn everywhere! He wore it to the grocery store, the park, and even to pick his brother up from school. He was so confident in it, it didn’t even phase him when kids would say, “why is that boy walking around in his underwear?” He’d just arch his brow and respond, “it’s my Robin costume!”
One of my key takeaways from the Lego Batman Movie was that we need be open to new relationships and show love and care for those in need. The lyrics to the music during the ending credits really sums it up, “Friends are the Family you can choose.”