If you are one of the last hold outs to join the virtual Hallelujah chorus Peter Hollens shared three reasons you should do it today!

I was excited to be part of The Church’s Easter Initiative, but after my first few attempts I was a little nervous about submitting my voice for the Virtual Hallelujah Chorus. Maybe because I was comparing my voice to Peter Hollens. He is an amazing singer, also a super nice guy. I reached out to him on Twitter and asked him for some advice.


1. This Kind of Opportunity Doesn’t Come Around Often.

Recently a chalkboard was put up on a New York street. On the board was the instruction,”write your biggest regret.” As the board filled up there became a common thread among all of them. Everyone regretting letting opportunities pass by. They regretted not going to Med school, not saying I love you, not being a better friend.

This kind of Virtual Hallelujah Chorus has never happened before and who knows when it will happen again. Don’t add “not singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Virtual Hallelujah Chorus” to your chalkboard of regrets.

2. Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone.

A regret I read on the chalkboard was “staying in my Comfort zone.” In church we are often asked to step outside of our comfort zone. We are asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting, to teach Primary Children to Sing, to visit a stranger every month and become their friend. Why can’t we just stay in our nice warm bed? Because, there is no adventure there! Think of the Hobbit, how boring would that movie had been if Bilbo just stayed in his nice comfy Hobbit hole. No, instead he left home and hearth to have one of the greatest adventures of his life. (Yes, the movie got a little boring because they stretched out the last 30 pages to 4 hours, but overall it was terrific. (Read what else I learned for The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings)
3 Reasons to Join the Virtual Hallelujah Chorus from Peter Hollens Bilbo Going on an Adventure

3. Grow!

What made the journey of Bilbo so endearing? He grew! He found courage and friendship and a totally harmless ring. This life is about progress. We came here to gain experiences and learn the lessons of eternity in the only way possible, by living!

My Own Reason for Submitting

I was reluctant to submit my video, then I saw this promo of some of the first submissions. Seeing all these people has given me courage. It wasn’t because I think I am better than them or anything of the sort. I took courage at their bravery to be vulnerable and put themselves out there. Most are excellent, but they aren’t perfect and neither am I. If there is anything I have learned about the Atonement, it is that we don’t have to be Mormon Tabernacle Choir singers of life, we just have to be our best and keep trying to be better.
So, visit Mormon.org and learn how publish your submission.
Audio- Hallelujah- Grady of This Mormon Life
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