Christmas might be over, but this week’s lesson seeks ensure we do not lose focus on Jesus Christ—Our Only Way to Hope and Joy. It is our first lesson from the Howard W Hunter Manual. Join the Third Hour of Power as we discuss Chapter 1: Jesus Christ—Our Only Way to Hope and Joy.

While President Howard W. Hunter was only President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for only nine months, he was an Apostle for 35 years. As such, there is a wealth of recorded teachings from President Hunter and this week we focus on one of the most important doctrines, Jesus Christ—Our Only Way to Hope and Joy.
Kristie joins Grady as they talk about this lesson. One of our listeners, named Bryan, is a member of another faith. He emailed Grady last week asking about what Family Night was because we mentioned it on one of our Podcast episodes. Kristie wrote a perfect post on how we observe family night. We hope it helps Bryan, and the rest of you, find more meaning and more ideas for a night you can grow closer as a family and toward Jesus Christ—Our Only Way to Hope and Joy. On Grady’s site, This Mormon Life, he has hosted a fun personality quiz, “What Kind of Mormon are You?” It has absolutely zero endorsement from The Church and has probably ruffled a few of the feathers of those who have taken it.
A Great object lesson by Kurt Francom of Leading LDS.

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Opening Hymn: Jesus the Very Thought of Thee
Closing Hymn: Jesus the Very Thought of Thee (Conducted by Corey Mendenhall of the Millennial Choirs and Orchestras)