This review will be a little image light. I’m out at Fathers and Sons Campout, but had time to frame it up before I left. Now I’m watching my boy play as I write my review on my iPhone. Ain’t technology grand?

   Iron Man 3 takes place shortly after The Avengers. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is haunted by the events that took place in New York City. Now a new threat appears and makes things personal for Tony. 

   I am tempted to say that this is the best Iron Man yet, if not the best Marvel individual movie. Tony Stark’s character has the most interesting progression as the things and the people he loves are placed in peril. In fact most of the movie he is armor less. 

   That isn’t to say that the movie isn’t action packed. Tony seems to have taken Captain America’s taunt to heart when he said, “Take off that armor an what are you?”  Tony has been practicing martial arts and has his share of gun play and improvised devices. One of the most engaging part of the story is that Tony, even while Iron Man, feel to be in very real danger. 

   Ben Kingsley is great as The Mandarin and rest of the cast is very well rounded. There is a great Buddy comedy to Stark and Rhodey (Warchaine). I won’t go too much more into the plot because part of the movie are the mystery plot twists. 

   You will want to see this movie in the theatre. I saw it in 3D IMAX. Probably not worth the extra cost, but it is still well done. 


   I love that the Marvel movies seem to keep it pretty mild on the language. It is a good young teen movie with a few mild curses. There are some scenes of women in bikinis and it is implied character sleep together. A character ha a drug abuse problem. The violence is a little graphic. People are shot, some point blank. People are immolated and it is a bit graphic. You should be fine sitting with your bishop, but the young ones might want to stay home.