Inviting others to church is much easier than we are thinking. The invitation from The Savior is just as applicable today as it was then. Come and see.

I recently had a conversation with Tom Pratt, Mass Finding Manager of the Missionary Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I expressed to him my own failings and shortcoming when it came to doing missionary work. He is responded that he wished that we could eliminate that phrase from the Church. Sharing the gospel is as easy as a inviting others to come and see.

Invite to come and see - Grady Kerr 3

To help illustrate how easy it is to invite our friends to come and see, the Church of Jesus Christ created a wonderful video to depict how easy it is to extend invitations. Notice how casual is it. Inviting others to church on Sunday, or any activity, should be as easy as inviting them to a movie, football game, or to grab a bite to eat. People like being included. They just need to be invited. This video shows how invitations to “come and see” can be just a normal and natural part of everyday life for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Inviting Others to Come and See

What should I invite others to Come and See?

Invitations to come and see can take many approaches. Think of upcoming things you are looking forward to to at Church for your family. Are you or a family member speaking? Is there an upcoming musical number you are a part of? How about a baby blessing? There are also events that cause everyone to think about going to church. In recent years the Restored Church of Jesus Christ has provided encouragement for Bishops and congregation leaders to make Easter and Christmas Sunday Sacrament Meeting especially focused on Jesus Christ during these holidays.

There are more activities at church then just Sunday meetings. Perhaps an invitation to an activity during the week is more your speed. Do work with the youth? Invite a friend to bring their teenager to an activity they would enjoy. Is there a guest speaker fireside? Invite a friend to come with you. One thing I admire about Al Carraway is the way her firesides are accessible to all as she shares her journey of faith and how “with God, life is oh so good”. Is there an upcoming activity that your quorum or Relief Society is doing? Invite someone who would love to be included.

Invitations to come and see don’t always lead directly to a church building. The Gospel of Jesus Christ should be such an integral part of your life that an invitation to your home might be the perfect way to help others come and see the fruits of the gospel. Invite neighbors with similar aged children to come over for a family night activity, invite friends who would like to have a stronger faith in their family join you as you study Come, Follow Me as a family.

Invite to come and see - Grady Kerr 2

Who Will You Invite to Come and See?

I am going to start looking for better and simpler ways to invite others to come and see. As I mentioned above, missionary work has not always been a strength for me.

I do love living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and am so blessed by the plan of my Heavenly Father. I should be looking for more ways to invite others to come and see.

I need some inspiration from you! How have you see blessings come from an invitation to come and see?

Comment below and let me know. If you are like me, and have’t been as eager to share, comment below what you would like to do and maybe even any concerns or things you might need help with.