I have decided to take a month long #Unsabbatical from Mormonism.
There is story making the rounds again about Jana Reiss and her year long, self proclaimed, Sabbatical from Mormonism. You can read it, but basically she needed a break to rest and figure stuff out. I’m having a really hard time not saying something critical. I can’t speak for Sister Riess and her own relationship with God. I do, however, want to point out two issues I have with her relating of her experience.
The first is that the book she writes on the experience is named, “Flunking Sainthood: A Year of Breaking the Sabbath, Forgetting to Pray, and Still Loving My Neighbor.” It seems to smack of the idea that breaking the first and great commandment of loving God is justified as long as you are keeping the second. Speaking of the second, the second issue I have with this is that she suggests her idea as a viable solution for others. She says it can be a “a restoring and live-giving spiritual practice.”

I would counter that the best method of overcoming church fatigue is following the advice of President Hinckley’s father and “forget yourself and go to work.” When I was a Sunday School President a Stake Leader explained to us our duty of administering in our calling and ministering to others. When we get caught up in administration in our calling, it can be draining at times, because we don’t always see the spiritual fruits of our labors. When we minister, or serve others, we are more capable to feel the Spirit of God. Is that Spirit that enables us as we “[magnify our] calling, [we] are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of [our] bodies.” (D&C  84:33)
Overwhelmed- I'm Taking an Unsabbatical from Mormonism

So I am proving a second option. I am taking an Unsabbatical from Mormonism. I am committing to do everything I am asked to in church and attend every function. You can think of it like the Jim Carey movie “Yes Man.” I will be accepting every assignment to set up chairs, help in the nursery, or move in the newest member of the ward. I will wholeheartedly accept every Bishop’s challenge and Elder’s Quorum President request. I will attend the activities in the ward bulletin I never read or meeting on the Stake calendar.  I want to spend a month 100% committed to Mormonism.

Then as the month goes by I’ll share updates on our Instagram account. You can follow us @Grady8080 and the hashtag #unsabbatical. We will also be posting a weekly wrap-up here on the blog. So follow along! If you have any ideas post them below.
*I do have two exceptions.

  1. I won’t attend activities I am not intended for or invited to. (Mutual, Relief Society Night, or Single Adult FHE)
  2. I won’t break an existing commitment to say “yes” to a new assignment. It would be a breach of integrity and I have a temple recommend interview Tuesday where I will be asked if I am honest.