Why would the scriptures be the most profitable thing for us to study? What benefits do they have compared to other written works? Let’s discuss it.

President Hunter asks us to draw closer to our Father in Heaven by studying the scriptures. In what ways have you drawn closer to your Father in Heaven by reading the scriptures. We will share some of our own experiences on the podcast this week as well as experiences from the life of Howard W. Hunter.


My lovely wife Kristie is my guest this week and she is such an example to diligent scripture study and really leads the charge in our home. Her blog recently featured 6 Ways to Improve Family Scripture Study on her blog, Our Kerrazy Adventure. I have shared some of my reflections as I have Poderized the scriptures and did a series on the New Testament Readings. How will this lesson change the way you study the scriptures.

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Opening Hymn: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
Closing Hymn: Press Forward Saints

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