How have you been blessed by The Law of Tithing? Why has God asked us to keep it? Let’s discuss it.

The Law of Tithing can either be seen as a blessing or a burden. How is our testimony of The Law of Tithing created? Howard W. Hunter said that “a testimony of the law of tithing comes from living it.” This week I am joined by Camille of Chicken Scratch n Sniff. She has a mission, much like our own, to Strengthen the Individual, Teacher, and Family.
I have started exposing my kids to Hip-Hop by listening to the new Jamesthemormon #1 album “I’m Not a Rapper” in the car with them. This weekend I overheard Garren freestyling and his little brother Greyson saying, “ugh” to the beat. While the Third Hour of Power is meant to be a primer for the lessons of Priesthood and Relief Society, Camille goes above and beyond with weekly study guides, free printables, and even hymn suggestions. We used two of them for this episode! If this podcast isn’t enough and you want more, Camille has some great resources to help you get ready for Chapter 9 of the Howard W. Hunter Manual, “The Law of Tithing.”
Join us LIVE, May 2nd at 8:45pm Mountain.

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Opening Hymn: Keep the Commandments
Closing Hymn: Because I Have Been Given Much

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