Whether you think you have a big calling or a small calling, your dedicated commitment is no less serviceable than anyone else who magnifies their calling.

This week on Third Hour of Power we discuss Chapter 23 of the Howard W. Hunter Manual, “No Less Serviceable”. We share some stories of people who were in what might seem minor callings and the major impact they had on our lives. (Including the diligent Home Teacher who helped my family return to activity in the Church.)

There are some great Mormon Messages that can serve as strong primers for your class if you are a teacher. The messages are about 9 minutes long, so you might not want to show them in third hour. Send your class the link and ask them to watch before they come. The first one would be for Quorums called “Lift“. Is focuses on a group of men who were changed as individuals and as a quorum as they served.

The second video would be great for Relief Society. Mothers have a lot of responsibility. Not only do they run a household, raise children, offer compassionate service, and sometimes they just want to be a woman. “You Never Know How Much Good You Do” puts into perspective the lives we can touch for good when we will simply serve.
Heather of LDS Leadership is back on the podcast and has some great stories of her own to share in the episode. She has also been hard at helping

Young Women leaders get their youth involved in #LIGHTtheWORLD. You should download these Kits and Tutorials to assist your Young Women in service.

I have started doing movie reviews again! I have missed it, but this time around, we are doing video reviews instead of written reviews. You can see my review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Facebook or YouTube.


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Opening Hymn: Have I Done Any Good?
Closing Hymn: You Can Make the Pathway Bright

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