Are you a teacher who wants to get better at Teaching the Gospel?

If you aren’t a teacher now, just wait a few weeks you’ll teach soon enough. To get you ready, this week’s lesson is on Howard W. Hunter Chapter 22: Teaching the Gospel.
I am back in my Dad’s office and I am joined by sister Summer. When she was newly called to teach her Gospel Doctrine class she felt very inadequate for the task. She shares the tips she implemented to overcome that feeling.
Summer’s website, Elevate Everyday, empowers women to be their best selves. She specializes in ‘mordest’ clothing (modest & affordable) and has some great fall picks right now.
If you are looking for some other teaching helps for this lesson, I shared deeper analysis of 3 Nephi 11:15.

Opening Hymn: Teach Me to Walk in the Light
Closing Hymn: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

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