Faith and Testimony go hand in hand.

The lesson, Howard W. Hunter- Chapter 21: Faith and Testimony, shows how these two principles work together to increase. When we are obedient, we are blessed with faith. Faith is a power that motivates us to follow God commencements. This pattern can bring us joy and this joy help us build a testimony that follow God will bring us happiness.
Do you have someone who you can just talk to about gospel doctrines and principles? My Dad is one of those people for me.
Free Phone Service Lets You Pokémon GO Play With Your Kids- Grady and Glenn
While home for the week, I invited my Dad, Glenn, to join me. No, he wont do Santa for your Ward Christmas Party. Onething he will do is take great care of your car. That was part of the reason we were in town. I drove all the way from Arizona to California. For the Glenn’s Alignment & Brake Service special treatment (and family discount).
As October closed out, our contest for the Best General Conference Themed T-Shirt has come to an end. We are adding the most popular shirt to our store! You should check it out.

Opening Hymn: I Know That My Redeemer Lives
Closing Hymn: How Great Thou Art (My Dad’s favorite hymn)

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