With General Conference being in our rear view mirror, this is a great time to renew Our Commitment to God.

This episode, we are studying Howard W. Hunter Chapter 19: Our Commitment to God. There were a lot of great talks at General Conference with important messages. Elder Holland with his emphasis on Home Teaching, Elder Hales with his reminder that many are missing the blessing of Family Home Evening, and Elder Stevenson’s encouragement to read the Book of Mormon. Sometimes we might feel like we are coming up short. It might be a good time to assess our commitment to God
This week I am joined by my wonderful wife Kristie of Our Kerrazy Adventure. She is a homemaking wiz and with Halloween coming up, you should check out her DIY Holloween costumes.
I loved General Conference and I thought it would be fun to make more General Conference Themed T-Shirts. To everyone involved we are crowdsourcing our ideas. To make it interesting we have a contest for those who design and those who vote!

Opening Hymn: Noyana / Come, Come, Ye Saints
Closing Hymn: I Know That My Redeemer Lives

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