We are going back to some primary fundamentals with Chapter 18, We Believe in Being Honest.

We Believe in Being Honest is a very simple concept on the surface, but this lesson takes the concept of being honest down a few layers. Have you ever considered the idea that not helping clean up at a Ward activity might be considered as not being honest? We will discuss the correlation in this episode.
Joining me this episode is past guest Heather Mecham of LDS Youth Leadership. Heather is a firm believer in a youth-led young men and women program. With my new calling in the Deacons, I have drawn on her expertise often.
Heather has a great ebook right now on “The Smart Way to Plan Meaningful Youth Activities.” LDS Youth Leadership has been a great partner of the podcast and Heather is offering listeners 50% off with the promo code: TML50. If you serve with the youth and have struggled through a planning meeting, you will want to check this out.
We just shared a Breakfast Hack to help you get your morning underway faster so you can do fun things like Play Pokemon GO with your kids. We shared a recent adventure hunting Pokemon that you should check out.

Opening Hymn: True to the Faith
Closing Hymn: More Holiness Give Me

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