Do you want a stronger marriage? Even if you aren’t currently married, our guest Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jonathan Decker, has great advice for making your marriage an Eternal Partnership.

We are talking about Chapter 16: —An Eternal Partnership from the Howard W. Hunter Manual. Listening to our episode will help you know what it takes to find, keep, and be the spouse that will bring joy in this life and Eternal Life in the next.
While this is Jonathan Decker’s first time on the Third Hour of Power, he is no stranger to This Mormon Life. Jonathan and I run a Facebook group called Mormons at the Megaplex where we review mainstream movies from a Mormon perspective. You can also read his reviews on his site,
If you enjoyed this episode and want some extra help making your marriage an Eternal Partnership, Jonathan has some great resources on his site. He can help you face to face or online!
To help keep your family sane during your last summer road trips, we made a kit for keeping your electrics organized for the kids. For you single sisters, I have a helpful post on the 5 Reasons Han Solo Makes a Bad Boy Friend. You will get some of the red flags to look for in a potential spouse for your Eternal Partnership.

Opening Hymn: Love at Home
Closing Hymn: Love is Spoken Here

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