How is the Lord Hastening Family History and Temple Work? How are you part of the effort? We have some ideas to help!

Our focus this month on the Temple continues with Chapter 14: Hastening Family History and Temple Work. Two of my young men went to the Temple with week with their father. Family names were brought to the Temple but they finished them faster than they expected. They asked if they could do names that the Temple had on file. The officiators sadly informed them that the Temple had a shortage of names. The Temple was only allowing those without family names to use the Temple names and only a small number. Let this week be your wake up call to begin Hastening Family History and Temple Work!

Dustin Hurst is my guest this week of the Idaho Reporter. He is their Communication Director and is often sharing his political views on Twitter @DustinHurst and has strong views on Donald Trump. We are focusing our content on the blog this month on the Temple. We have a great list for you! If you need help getting into Hastening Family History work, we just posted our list of 5 Ways to Get More From FamilySearch.
If you want to make a big impact right now, you can join the Worldwide Indexing Event that is being organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is running July 15-17 and we have a goal of getting 72,000 people to index one batch of records. Share your efforts with the hashtag, #TheWorldsRecords.
Opening Hymn: God of Our Fathers
Closing Hymn: Faith in Every Footstep

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