Does the lesson title “Taking the Gospel to All the World” sound familiar? That is because 5 months ago had a lesson called “Carrying the Gospel to the World” as part of the Ezra Taft Benson Manual. Missionary work is here to stay!

Taking the Gospel to All the World- Hello Missionary Parody
How do you feel about missionary work? During the episode Grady and his guest, Tommy Olsen, discuss ways we can be engaged in taking the Gospel to all the world. They compare some of our missionary efforts can be like we are promoting our MLM. They will help you know how you should feel about sharing the Gospel and some best practices. Al Fox even gets a mention when it comes to why we might we don’t share the Gospel more.

If you are wanting to be better about sharing the Gospel online or want to help others, check out Grady’s Social Media Workshop. Tommy is trying to help people overcome trials and setbacks in life on his blog, Falling with Purpose. He just recently reviewed C. Terry Warner’s new book, Bonds That Set Us Free. Grady won’t stop talking about his upcoming concert with the Millennial Choirs and Orchestras called Amazing Grace, featuring Jenny Oaks Baker.

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Opening Hymn: I Got a Home in-a dat Rock
Closing Hymn: I Got a Home in-a dat Rock

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