Prayer is not a one way highway. When we speak to our Heavenly Father, we do so in faith that he will send help from on high. That is the topic of today’s Podcast. Chapter 4: Help from on High.

Can you recall the last time God has sent you help from on high? I might have been inspiration, a voice of warning, a friend arriving to save the say or even a gentle rebuke from someone who loves you. I know I have been reminded of losing my temper from time to time. Elder Holland even shared a time when his help from on high came in the form of ending him down a dead end road.

Tommy Olsen joins us again on the Podcast. We have been collaborating for some time, and he now has his own blog, Falling with Purpose. Listen till the end to learn more about it. Over at This Mormon Life, Grady shared some of his favorite Mormon Messages on Love. Valentine’s Day might be over, but true love never goes out of style.

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Opening Hymn: Rock of Ages
Closing Hymn: I Know That My Redeemer Lives