In today’s worlds, what are you doing to Preserve and Protect the Family? Chapter 17 of the Howard W. Hunter manual will help you protect your own family as well as the fundamental unit in society.

Last lesson was focused on Marriage and now we expand to the entire family unit. One of the best ways we Preserve and Protect the Family is to build families that are strong and make positive contributions to society. We discuss things we have done to strengthen our own family that you can implement today.
Liz Tennyson of I’m a Fit Mormon is our guest this week. She has a unique take on how to preserve and protect the family because her husband serves in the military and can be deployed for many months at a time. If you have to shoulder the burden of parenthood alone, her perspective can be so helpful. Liz also has more ways to help. She is organizing a Fit for Good event to help you live the “Do’s” of the Word of Wisdom. Physical health has such an impact on our emotional and spiritual health.
We have been working hard on improving marriage and family on the blog and at home. We recently shared our 5 essential tips to get kids to work. Our family created a super fun music video set to former guest Jamesthemormon’s new song “Workin.” Plus here is the painting of the woman taken in adultery I reference in the episode.

Opening Hymn: Homeward Bound
Closing Hymn: Love at Home

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