Hootsuite - Social Relationship PlatformLast week Hootsuite added an update that will allow you to post to Instagram from your computer! I have spent the past few days trying it out and I must say, it is pretty awesome. It does not have all the benefits their Facebook and Twitter integrations have, but it can do some great things. Here is the breakdown of what it can and cannot do.
Hootsuite Can:

  • Set time delays for when a post will publish
  • Keep a text count so if you want to simultaneously post the image to Twitter or Facebook you won’t exceed character limits.

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  • Allow you to submit an image to be published from your computer. (no need to design in your phone or email to yourself)
  • Create a stream on your Dashboard to follow your friend’s posts and favorite hashtags

Hootsuite Cannot:

  • Actually Post to Instagram

I know that might seem like a bust right? Well read on to see how Hootsuite has outsmarted Instagrams locked down API.
Schedule and publish to Instagram (from Hootsuite.com)

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

  1. Choose your Instagram account from the Profile Picker.
  2. You can then compose your message—which will act as the caption for your Instagram photo (hashtags and emoji are fully supported)—and attach your image in the Compose Message Box.
  3. If you want to publish right away, click Send Now. If you wish to schedule your post, select a later date and time and click Schedule.
  4. When your message is ready to be published, you will receive a push notification from the Hootsuite mobile app directing you to the Notification Center. Note: Push notifications must be enabled and turned on to publish to Instagram.
  5. In the Notification Center, tap the post you want to publish.
  6. When viewing the post, tap Open in Instagram to direct your image to the Instagram app. The Hootsuite mobile app will automatically copy the caption (text, hashtag, and emojis) to your device’s clipboard, allowing you to easily paste the caption once in Instagram
    • Note: It’s important that you’re signed into the correct Instagram account prior to tapping Open in Instagram
    • If you are an iOS user, you will be prompted to select the Instagram app.
  7. Once in the Instagram app, tap into the caption box
    • Tap again and select Paste to insert your caption
    • Within the “Share to” screen, you can also add user and location tags.
  8. Finally, tap Share to publish your image to your Instagram account. 

It has been a great help to me as I share scheduled Instagram content. It was huge when I was doing a post series about things like Giving Thanks, Showing Love, or My Gift to Christ.
It might not be a perfect solution yet, but it a great improvement to the way it has been done in the past. I am using it constantly. Check it out, and you can start using Instagram from your computer too!
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