We aren’t too crafty, but since we have a lot of Lady readers; I wanted to do something for them. Awesome Movie Themed Date Night Movie Basket!

We get wedding announcements just about every week from some cute couple starting their lives together.  You know you have arrived as a married couple in LDS culture when you start getting these wedding invites and announcements from people you don’t even know.  Like your name is on some Mormon Wedding Mailing List!  We don’t really mind but think it is always a fun game to try and figure out who these couples are.
Date Night Movie Basket - Newlyweds
It always brings back memories of when Kristie and I were young and in love. (Now we are just in Love).   She was living in our apartment for two weeks with some girlfriends until we got married. We really didn’t have anything, so she dragged me to all these home goods stores to create our Gift Registry.  One of the best stores we went to was Target.
How To Date Night Movie Basket
I was trying to convince Kristie to let me register for an Xbox, but we negotiated a deal that allowed me to register for DVD’s.  As you might know, I love movies and she figured no one would buy us any, she thought she was clever.
Then a Wedding Day Miracle happened.  People bought us a whole bunch of movies.  But they didn’t just grab a DVD and throw in a recycled gift bag that said “Happy Birthday.” They basically made these fantastic date nights in a can.  Not only did they have a movie, they had treats and popcorn as well.  It was so creative and allowed us to save money and build up our movie collection.  They were seriously of my favorite gifts.
We still love having date night and I think it is part of that is due to us starting things right. We have some more date night ideas here.
So if you want to be an awesome Wedding Gift Giver here is what you will need: (all available on Amazon.com)


1. Take your empty Plastic Popcorn Bucket and put some wadded up tissue paper in the bottom of it, so that the items will have something to rest on and won’t move around so much. You can also use shred for this.

2. Closer to the back, place the larger candy items.  Then work your way forward with
smaller items.

3. In front of the candy place a bag or two of your microwave popcorn.

4. At the front of the popcorn; place your selected DVD.  Choosing the right movie can be a real art.  You want something that both will want to watch. A Romantic comedy with a macho male lead (think Gerard Butler).  An action movie with a good love story.  Here are a few I found on Amazon for under $10!

  1. Life Is BeautifulLife as We Know ItScott Pilgrim vs. the World
    5. Place more tissue in between items so it sticks out adding more height.
    6. Place the basket into a clear, large Cello Bag. Tie is off at the top with a large ribbon bow.

You now have a movie gift basket that you will be remembered for and it only costs about $25!