The Mormon Channel releases Hope Works. They are like TED Talks for Mormons.

TED Talks do a great job of getting us motivated. They expose us to new ideas and different points of view as we hear from the experiences of others. Hope Works does the same thing. Presenters share interesting insights about hope and faith and how it works in their lives. Hope Works are like TED Talks for Mormons.
The Hope Works video that really resonated with me was from Stephen Jones. He asks the “One Question That Puts Life in Perspective.”

I work at a great company right now, but it has helped me realize my passion. I love teaching and presenting! Stephen Jones has a similar passion. His pursuit led him to seek out a career in teaching seminary. This is actually a secret dream of mine. How amazing would it be to have a career in teaching the Gospel!?
Hearing him speak about doing something that will matter in a thousand years really hit home. He urges to do something you love! It makes me want to better myself and turn to the Lord and see how He wants me to do that.
Stephen faced a lot of setbacks as he went through the hiring process. He speaks about the way his faith was tested. All through the process, he knows that God was guiding him. Stephen Jones might look familiar. You might recognize him as the coach from
Stephen Jones might look familiar. You might recognize him as the coach from James The Mormon’s music video, Workin. Here is a gif in case you forgot!
Workin - Stephen Jones Dance- TED Talks for Mormons
If you are not in a job right now and wondering if you should chase your dream, this TED Talks for Mormons might be for you. If not, there are some other talks on the Hope Works page that can certainly speak to you.