When God answers my prayers I am reminded How Mighty a Thing is Prayer.

I’m flying solo this week to talk about Chapter 6 of the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual, How Mighty a Thing is Prayer. It was great having a chance to just share my thoughts. It was also great getting some live comments in the episode.

If you are teaching this in an Elders Quorum or High Priests Group, this is a great time to talk about leading in Family Prayer. Have a discussion to talk about blessings that have been seen, solve common problems, and help your men be better Patriarchs in their home.
One of the stories I shared was the prayer that lead us to Arizona. Here can hear more about that experience on my blog post about it. Also, keep an eye out next week for my next blog post for Mormon.org’s Easter Campaign, #PrinceOfPeace.

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Opening Hymn: Sweet Hour of Prayer
Closing Hymn: Secret Prayer