What type of impact can the Daughters of God have on the world?

That is something we discuss in Chapter 5 of the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual, Daughters of God. We will talk about the divine role women have, how we can support them. We even have a section dedicated to how the men can learn from this lesson. Here is a great video to supplement the lesson of the power of the Daughter of God.

One source I pulled from was John Bytheway’s book, Behind Every Good Man. It really helped to set some perspective on my role to support my wife as a daughter of God. I also really liked the article from the September 1988 Ensign, “Our Responsibility to Our Young Women“.

When we save a girl, we save generations. No one can foretell the consequences of faithfulness in the life of a young woman

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We got to see Tim Timmerman, Hope of America and it was hilarious. Find out how to see it in your area in our review. Also, my son did a super successful fundraiser for Scout Camp. We raised over $500 in 24 hours. See what he is doing and his adorable commercial.

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Opening Hymn: Daughters in His Kingdom
Closing Hymn: As Sisters in Zion