When faced with hard trials, how do you Move Forward with Faith?

We go out on location to discuss Chapter 25: Move Forward with Faith from the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual. It brings an end to the Third Hour of Power podcast series, but also allows us the freedom to broaden the range of what we produce for the podcast for you and how it can enhance our mission.

The end of this lesson features President Hinckley pleading with the Lord to increase of the faith of the Latter-day Saints. It was from a General Conference talk in 1987. You can view it here. It might be good to share with your class. Start the video at 15:32.

I invited my friend Mario to join us for this episode. Mario’s story in remarkable. I remember when when he first showed up in a polo and shorts. Then I remember how he gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about being homeless in a local park. He shared how he was about to take his life and was pleading with God to give a him sign that he should not carry out his plan. It was then that two missionaries asked him, “Who are you talking to?”

Mario shared some more details from his conversion during our conversation in the park, the very park he met the missionaries in. We talk about how he was able to turn to God at his lowest moment. While this did not remove all his trials, it did allow him to endure them.

You can read more of his story in his book, “Where Was God? by Chris” now available on Amazon.

They were many that were a Light in Mario’s conversion to the Church. If you would like to be a Light to others, you need to add the #LightTheWorld calendar to your phone and learn more about the initiative at LightTheWorld.org.

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